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‘Yoga’ — The Only Means To Achieve Divine Transformation


Results of Yoga

Through the liberating knowledge of Yoga, we nobly aim to break the constrictions and divides of castes, cults, religions, provincialisms or regionalisms and connect the whole nation, world and humanity with the oneness in Yoga.

Result of Bhoga (Material Enjoyments)


Bhoge Rogabhayam. (Bhatrharikrta vairagya sataka-32)

‘Bhoge Rogabhayam’ is elaborated as — all the diseases, fears, bondages, intolerances, non-acceptance, sorrows, conflict, insecurities, hatreds, cruelities, impatience, indiscretions, ignorance, morbidity, old age, powerlessness, failures and deaths are the result of ‘bhoga’ (material enjoyment). The methods of realising ease, satisfaction and peace through the experience of bhoga will be futile just asthe person desires to pacify flames by adding ghee would only add to the fire.

Santa Kabirdasa has said:


Though he steals diamonds to donate kaudis

The mullah waits on his roof to ascend to heavens.



That is, someone who steals in diamonds and donates in kaudis, is often left hypocritically expecting heavens to send for him. There is no liberation in bhoga, only corruption lies. Therefore, peace, satisfaction and happiness is obtained not through bhoga but through jnana (knowledge) and Yoga. Bhoga na bhukta vayameva bhuktastapo na taptam vayameva taptah. Kalo na yato vayameva yatastrsna na jirna vayameva jirnah.

(Bhatrharikrt vairagya sataka-12)

That is, there is no end to bhoga, only our will and physical strengths to indulge in bhoga are extinguished one by one. By practising excess tapas (austerities), we become depleted, but the tapas is never fulfilled. The eternal time remains, and the journey of this life is completed. Likewise, our vasanas (desires) never end but this body becomes old.

Therefore, Become a Yogi

One who is useful for the self, this world and eternal time itself, is considered a Yogi.

Those who are striving for achieving the individual, divided or sectional happiness, are bhogis and those who are persevering for undivided infinite happiness, they are ‘Yogis’.

This sristi was created for obtaining happiness, but only after doing the renunciation of bhoga. The basis of knowledge and sciences is said to be the Vedas, which say — Tena tyaktena bhunjithah. They warn that bhoga and selfishness without Yoga will lead one nearer to illness, ageing and death. The life and death of bhogi are both painful. That’s why we all should be yogis and not bhogis.

To realize the Paramatma, there is no need to look outside. The condition in which through service, satsanga (spiritual discourse), japa (recitation), tapa (austerity) and Yoga, the ajhana (ignorance) of the mana in sadhaka (practicioner) is erased, lucidity of antahkarana is revealed, is the state when Isvara is realized. Without the lucidity of antahkarana, the realization of Paramatma is impossible. As the Ramacaritamanasa tells us:

Nirmala janamana se mohi pava.

Moh! Kapat chala chidra na bhava.

Yoga and Yajna (panca-mahayajha) are the two punya pravaha (auspicious flows), the two wings that always take us to the utkarsa (supreme progress). Bhoga is the flow of sin that will always lead us down the slopes of pain and downfall.

Our human body is a capable vehicle to transcend the bhavasagara (ocean of life). Yogis and atma-jnani purusa (self-realised people) use it as a means to cross this bhavasagara; but bhogis who are steeped into materialism, who remain impure and aviveki (one lacking discriminative knowledge) get stuck in the middle of life’s whirlpools. They attract sorrows of this world towards themselves and thoughtlessly blame the Paramatma and the situations (of their own making) in their lives for the sorrows arising out of their own karmas.

(Excerpted from the book Divine Transformation: Building Blocks for Englightened Life, Ideal Nation & Peaceful World by Acharya Balakrishna)

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