Where Dispassion is Detrimental!

Q: IS THERE something we should not be dispassionate about?

Sri Sri: Myself?

Do not put off the fire of longing for the Divine or for satsang with dispassion.  There is a little fire in you that propels you toward knowledge, sadhana, devotion and service but sometimes you use knowledge to put off that fire.  The so-called dispassionate people are often morose and unenthusiastic.  Many times you hear people saying, “Oh never mind, God is everywhere.”

Guruji is in my heart, I can do satsang anywhere.  My seva is my sadhana, so there is no need to meditate.  Anyway I am doing sadhana 24 hours a day. When God wills he will call me to satsang and Advanced Courses again!” Such excuses should not be justified as dispassion.

When you want to do some service, the mind goes, “Oh it is all maya anyway, and everything is an illusion.  It is all just happening.  Things will happen when the time comes!”

In this way knowledge gets misused and is quoted out of context to suit one’s convenience or laziness.

Using knowledge like this you miss a lot.

In the name of dispassion do not lose that spark of enthusiasm and interest.  Keep the fire of longing for the Divine and for service to society alive.

Dispassion here would be detrimental.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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