SOMETIMES, you feel that you are swimming against the current. The ‘Decca Hisla’ (a variety of fish) is more tasty because it swims against the current. Athletes practise running against the wind to overcome resistance and create the required stamina. The politician fights the election against odds, adverse conditions and swings in the voting pattern. The policeman deals with crime and law and order with tremendous uncertainties, ominous endings and unfavourable outcomes.
Goal-setting while necessary for success is merely a preliminary pre-requisite to prepare the mind to start on the road to achieving goals. But it has to be followed with effective action. Action does not mean running around without a plan but doing something expecting results. One of the famous persons who did not make an excuse but had a definite plan to live on with a handicap was Hollywood actor Christopher Reeve who played Superman on the big screen. In 1996, he suffered an accident, while riding a horse and became completely paralyzed from the neck downwards. He did despair about his disability but launched instead an intensive physical rehabilitation programme. Creativity or originality is the uniqueness of any individual, the essence of purposeful existence. We all have some talent or skill buried or manifest which we have to identify, develop and raise to perfection. There are many variations and combinations on how we can live and lead our lives. The skill lies in understanding what works best for us and how we can shine and radiate.
Once I met a gentleman who was running an outfit on ‘creative thinking’ to increase an individual’s productivity and effectiveness.When I asked him how he got into that business he replied: “I could not find any job in the market into which I could fit myself easily. So, I had to invent myself to create a career.” Success in life in almost any area of life is impossible without adequate mental preparations, some originality and being alert to use ideas at the appropriate time. Look at the career of Rahul Dravid who started cricket in school, then college and university, later matches at regional level, graduating to national level and ultimately becoming the captain of the Indian cricket team, the second best in the world.

T.G.L. Iyer

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