REGULARITY and punctuality go hand in hand. No one can reasonably expect success in life without these qualifications. See how regular nature is. Mark how the seasons rotate regularly. Mark how the sun rises and sets, how the monsoon appears, how the flowers blossom, how the fruit and vegetables grow, how the revolution of the moon and the Earth takes place, how the days and nights, weeks and months and years roll on.

Be regular in your daily habits, work and sadhana. Get up and go to bed at a particular time. Be punctual in taking your meals, in your studies, in your exercises and meditation, and you will have a very happy life. You will be free from worry, anxiety, haphazard and shabby work. You will do the right thing at the right moment.

 You evolve quickly through regular practice. One who does regular meditation attains the meditative state easily without much exertion. Regularity inspires confidence in oneself. Develop this virtue and attain success in all your undertakings.

Published From “Yoga”

by Sivananda Math


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