Fulfilling Life

IT is time to bring our awareness to what is right in front of us. We must become conscious and aware and truly observe ourselves within the life we are living. Remember that we create our own reality. If we are unconscious, then our reality can be other than what we want to become manifest. We may, for example, say that we want to have prosperity in our lives or that special loving relationship. On one level we are whining the words to our friends or anyone who will listen, then when the opportunity arises to have the abundance we do not step into that opportunity.

But what if we needed to have that experience to learn and grow even if it wasn’t what we had hoped for? At the end of our Earth visit, we may look back and realize, “Jeez, I could have, would have, should have done that . . . .!” We do not really know what will come tomorrow. So, live fully for today.

What can we do? Pray for courage? Become determined? Remain ambivalent? Stay safe? Continue to say, “Yeah, but . . .?” The time has come to step into our lives. Step up to the plate and live life passionately and fully. Take risks. Go on excellent adventures. Start that business that you’ve always wanted. Take the time to love fully and deeply. Take that class. Meet new friends. Experience life fully and deeply! Our time here on this planet is a gift. Let us use this time here wisely and completely, without regrets.

Let us choose to live life in gratitude. Build those memories and count those blessings. Living in a state of gratitude for what is and what is about to come aligns our body, mind and spirit with health, joy, love, happiness and fulfilment.

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