EVERYONE in this world is looking for some kind of meaning in life. Some discover the meaning while young, some while old and some never. Some people don’t search for it presuming that looks, money or accomplishment make their lives meaningful.

The greatest tragedy on Earth is for any person to feel that he or she does not matter. All of us can make a mark in life, shine if we try and achieve if we persist.

For some, meaning in life comes during a crisis. A person, I know, suddenly lost his father and found a meaning in shouldering the responsibilities of the family, educating his brothers and sisters, marrying them off and relaxing in old age with a great sense of fulfillment. An important step we can take right now is to stop saying “I don’t know what my purpose is.”  That type of statement hold us back from trying something noble, lofty, alleviating the miseries of a few with whom you come into contact.

 Too many people spend their lives getting ready to live but never start living. They postpone their happiness in favour of a future success, which never comes.

Many people look at life from the short term point of view. They do not think about utilizing every moment to do something, help somebody, love a child, enjoy the perfume of the flower or the rich bounties of nature, surrounding us all the time. We should realize that what is meaningful is not mere fun but loaded with possibilities to perform.

_ T.G.L. Iyer

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