Knowledge of soul a must

There are always two energies at play in life – physical and spiritual, body and soul, form and consciousness. If we are to fully feel the sun’s physical light and warmth on our bodies, we must take off our clothes. Similarly if we are to feel the spiritual light and love of ONE SUPREME, the Spiritual Sun, we must first be bodiless i.e soul conscious before this light. That means “letting go,” for a few moments at least, of our attachment to our ideas, memories, and beliefs, for these are the threads

that make the inner mental clothing that we wear each day. They are what blocks the light and power

of ONE from reaching and touching the heart of our being.

True knowledge of soul is like an arrow that destroys the viscious tendencies of man. It is like a detergent that washes and cleans the soul of its blemishes that are there in the form of dirty habits. It restores self-respect and solace of the spirit and brings the soul back into the stae of bliss, for it enables one to re-establish the love link and connection of mind with One Supreme, who is Blissful.

The present state of our society clearly points to the absence of revealed and pure knowledge of soul, Supreme & world. Hence if we need to change the headlines of news papers from morally degenerating to a more positive & empowered one, then we would have to give our current generation the true knowledge of Soul.

Many faiths have now started to recognize that we can gently raise our consciousness, connect with the Source, and serve as instruments of the ONE to bring  that healing light, love and power into the world. It is a subtle exercise in which we can serve to empower and strengthen others as well as ourselves. So let us start practising soul consciousness and salvage our country from going morally bankrupt.

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