In Unity We Believe

All of us have heard about the famous phrase “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” during our  school days through a simple story of an old farmer who on his death bed taught the importance of Unity to his dis-united sons through a bundle of sticks.That story still occupies an important  place in our society and has rather gained in popularity because discord, disunity, strife and warfare have assumed unprecedented proportions in the modern world. Today,the most arduous challenges that faces humanity is to establish harmony amongst people of different religions. The greatest question of all at the present time is that, can  the  diverse religions and faiths be ever united? If Yes,then how ?

It’s a known fact to all of us that most violent wars and conflicts in human history were based on  religious intolerance and hatred. It might be a shocking statement, but it’s the harsh reality that religions which were supposed to make people more peaceful and loving have today become the biggest cause of discord and bloodshed in the world. If we have a close look at the growth of each faith down the centuries, it reveals an interesting pattern. Even though there are some common values and tenets in all the faiths, there are far too many misconceptions and conflicting beliefs that have continually fanned mistrust and hostility among  the  masses. Its quite imperative to know that at the time of inception, every religion had the power of purity, truth and unity. But as the prophets passed on and religions expanded in numbers and clout, their original power and purity also diminished and gradually there were cracks, factionalism, shallowness, delusion, deception and ritualistic-adherence sans spiritual significance. Hence, instead of empow¬ering spiritual values, religions perpetrated dogmas, disciplines and barriers that segregate people on many lines. Most of them fall prey to the very evil traits they preach against like the lust for power, pleasures and money. So, instead of winning over the hearts of humans they push hard to manipulate their minds by employing clever methods and by pandering to their weaknesses…. to be continued        /


_ Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj ji

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