The principle of material existence is ‘anxiety’. As soon as we are born we cry & grow up to lament the lost, hanker for what we don’t have and even if we get what we wished, we are in fear of someone taking it away or losing it.

An extreme example of this insecurity was revealed by the dictator Stalin who on seeing his close aides getting popular, killed them one by one. He was insecure and anxious of losing his position. The Vedic scripture, Srimad Bhagavatam cites the example of Indra, the king of heavenly planets, who often vented his anxiety & insecurity by attempting to harm or defame others.

Once Indra saw Nara Narayana rishi performing intense penances. He feared his motivation to usurp his own heavenly position. He sent Cupid and heavenly damsels to distract him. However, the powerful rishi used his mystic powers to create a beautiful damsel, Urvashi, from his lap and gifted her to Indra.

The rishi, pitying Indra, expressed, “I give you this gift so that you can enjoy her company. I am neither motivated by kama, lust for position nor am I influenced by krodha, anger at your mischief.” Thus the rishi exposed Indra’s misdirected consciousness. Material insecurity induced by lust and anger only leads to offenses to others.

In material consciousness, the conception of ‘I’ and ‘mine’ causes anxiety. We think the more I have, the more I will be happy. Infact the more we possess, more we have to work to maintain and sustain what we have & worry of losing it prevails.
The solution by bhakti yogis is to increase our connection to Krishna by chanting the Holy Names of the Lord with attention and sincerity leading to attachment to the Lord giving us a higher taste, helping us transcend petty material causes of worry& perform our duties happily.

Sincere practise of Bhakti convinces a practitioner that only his connection can give tangible happiness in life. Such a yogi isn’t deluded by anything of this world even when material situations in life change due to the inevitable vicissitudes of time.,

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