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 ….Continued From Last Week

Over the past century we have conquered an array of diseases and our lifespan has increased  as a result of medical advances. But newer and incurable variations of older diseases are emerging and taking a toll on human life. In the political field too, we see divisions and strife on the increase.

On one hand nations are forging partnerships for economic gain, on the other, countries are getting  fragmented on ethnic, linguistic and sectarian lines. The most ominous part of the world’s political  rivalries is the huge stockpile of weapons of mass destruction built up by nations. The Cold War is supposed to have ended and trade and telecommunications have brought nations together like never before but still governments are engaged in refining these tools of annihilation. Unable to bear the growing grief, misery, disease, untimely death, conflicts and natural calamities, humans are now turning to God for succor, but in vain, because they do not know who the real God is.

Today, religion has divided mankind and produced hatred and violence. Ignorance of our true spiritual identity and that of God has thwarted all human efforts to create inter-religious harmony.  The growing suffering in the world that is defying all human efforts at betterment is proof of the truism that however many lamps you may light, you cannot turn night into day. So will this night of moral darkness ever come to an end? Yes!! It will end only when God, the Sun of Knowledge, ushers in the Golden Age. He performs this task of transforming the old world into new through His children i.e we humans, by awakening them to their true spiritual identity and giving them the strength to overcome the vices, which are the root cause of man’s degradation. Remember!! When the vices are eradicated, all suffering ends and the golden dawn breaks over the world. So let us enlighten & awaken self with the true knowledge given by almighty supreme and get a safe passage to Golden Age.

_ By Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj ji

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