Don’t Compete, Instead  Co-operate

All of us whether we like it or no, but have to compete from the time we are born till we die. Though most of us indulge in healthy competion all the time, nevertheless, one thing common to all kinds of competitions is the underlying desire to win a victory for the self by defeating others. To understand this,we need to understand human psychology very closely, because these roots of competition have been sown into our minds since our childhood days & hence they become more  rigid with the passage of time. We need to understand that the core objective behind competition is

not simply the desire of winning a victory for the self or the group but it is interwined with the motive of laying the softer and nobler sentiments of co-operation, kindness and gentleness aside even though for a while, and putting in all energies and talents to bog down or defeat another person & leave him/her behind in the race while making a forward thrust to reach the goal before anyone else. It is this distortion

of intention or malignancy in the desire that may, sooner or later, add an iota of selfishness in behaviour  and reduce the level of love, kindness, generosity and gentleness and may put a limit on one’s spirit of giving, helping, co-operation and sacrificing.

Some people link competition to motivation & developing an attitude towards high performance, but they fail to understand that this evil trait to defeat others which may look like an harmless thing initially, may eventually develop into spirit of revenge, feeling of hatred, bitter jealousy, hostile attitude or attitude of non-cooperation &

as it grows further, it takes the form of a big tree with many branches. Hence, one must try to curtail it and, in this effort, give up the ambition of winning by vengeance for the applause and praise for the self. Remember ! the only competition that should matter us is the one that takes place within our self, hence it is better to defeat one’s inner demons first and become victorious from within to be an example for others to follow. /

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