MAKING changes in our behaviour and personality is a gradual process giving gradual results. In order to identify why we are what we are, we have to do some investigation and get to the roots because we can’t have the fruits without the roots. Many of us remain the false self and not the authentic self, because we don’t ‘sell ourselves’. Many of us don’t believe in ourselves or are afraid that we don’t want to become the ‘black sheep’ in the family or become the unpopular failure in the clan. Becoming the person you want to be is one of the greatest challenges in life. Unless, we face this challenge head-on, we will continue to feel frustration and disappointment in life. Alcoholics, drug-addicts, corrupt people, manipulators and cheats, don’t believe that there should be a change in their behaviour. On the contrary, they feel that others are fools; they can be duped; all a result of self-deception. Remember that change does not occur without action and action is difficult in a firm mindset. People who are corrupt, people who avoid income tax, believe that they would not be caught; only others will fall into the trap until they themselves reach the point of no return.
If we cling to the belief, we cannot change, nothing will change. For example, the old shoe is more comfortable than the new one, the old conventional shirt is better than the flashy new one. The old is better than the new makes us stay stuck in time, place and space. Change alone can give up progress and progress leads to happiness. Most people are hanging on to life, while they are not fully alive. It is not how long you have lived that matters or how much longer you are going to live, but whether you are alive at all now?

– T.G.L. Iyer

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