EACH one of us has within us that which is necessary to remake the world. The principal motivational force behind it, is only our personal commitment dedicating ourselves to the process of living our lives fully. Our lives are original documents, which we alone can create.

There is a hidden power within each of us. It is ours and ours only, to draw upon whenever we wish. It lies dormant till our awareness is awakened to use them. Whether we place our trust in scriptures, history, science, reason, common sense or intuition, all evidence suggests that strong families are the only hope for the future of mankind. Individually, we may try to improve the community but our efforts will be in vain, unless the families as a unit combine to increase community strength.

If our homes are places of discipline, self-respect and hope, then only the community and nation has a future. Michael Novak said: “If things go well with the family life is worth living. When the family falters, life falls apart.”

Some men are like the stump, the old farmer had in his field; too hard to uproot, too knotty to split, too wet and soggy to burn.

A major reason why many of us hold ourselves back from living life to the fullest is because of our unwillingness to see ourselves as we really are. We think that the way we are is just the way we are supposed to be. We do not think enough about what we could become.

Well, life may not turn out exactly the way we planned it. But, the truth is that we need to be happy right now. To be otherwise, is simply waste of time. Remember, that we should assess, do introspection and determine our worth and potential, create an agenda, a roadmap and proceed ahead to achieve whatever we want to.

– T.G.L. Iyer

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