A World without Nuclear Weapons

Its been over 7 decades when the United States of America dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima on 6th of August, 1945, killing around 1,40,000 people by the end of the year, out of the 3,50,000 who lived in the city.

Heads of some nations, therefore, marked this occasion, of the 73rd anniversary of the most dreadful event by urging world's inhabitants to assert themselves against these weapons.

But do governments and people everywhere really realise the gravity of the situation? The way the arms race continues and the pace at which control negotiations at various conferences at UN are proceeding, do not really reflect any sense of urgency among the leaders of the superpowers.

And, it seems that the sensitivities of the rest of the mankind have become benumbed by years of conditioning, through fruitless discussions so that it now watches the nuclear race helplessly and the whole worldly work goes on as usual.

The psyche of the common people has been so conditioned that many of them think that these weapons are of different nature and will never be used in practice.

We all know that many heads of powerful nations have clearly confessed that during their presidency, they considered using nuclear weapons many a times on many enemy countries, and the threat of same still continues with counter statements being made by leaders time and again.

We have also to keep in mind that no man, including the heads of nuclear nations, is without physical weaknesses. In fact, the recent news reports which said that the president of a nuclear power nation had a life threating disease, clearly shows that the heads of nuclear powers suffer acutely from stress and that, being diseased, they may take a decision which may destroy most part of the human race.

Further, one should know that thousands of personnel having access to nuclear weapons are discharged for reasons of drug-abuse, alcoholism and psychological disorders and that there are quite a large number of quick reaction, alert weapons which, because of their role, are not kept electronically locked and can, therefore, be triggered by a psychologically sick person.

So, as things stand, the future of mankind is grim and it would be wise to practise and teach meditation to those powerful people in power so that they can release their stress and make everyone stress free.

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