What's the favourite Mumbai food that you think is overhyped?

The Vada Pav I believe is the most sought after, easy to munch on snack, after a long day at work, said Shaila Nair

Dipti Singh | Updated on: Monday, January 24, 2022, 07:05 AM IST


In my opinion, Pav bhaji is an overhyped Mumbai food as it doesn't have an authentic flavour of its own and tastes similar to other preparations which involve potato. But ofcourse the streets of Mumbai have much more delicacies that are lip-smacking...!!

- Blessy Dharman

The Vada Pav I believe is the most sought after, easy to munch on snack, after a long day at work. It is any mother's quick-fix snack and is pocket-friendly too. The advantage of having a vada pav is that it keeps one's stomach full till the next meal. I wouldn't say it's hyped, in fact it's a must-have for everyone. Happy Snacking Mumbaikars!

--Shaila Nair

Missal pav…Among other dishes paired with pav, for me Missal pav is the one which is overrated..I don’t find anything so

enjoyable in the missal as people hype it to be…I think it is just pav dipped in flavoured water with some chiwda and hence I think it does not have to be popularized so much.

- Joslin Kurian

We cannot pinpoint any one overhyped food item of Mumbai. But in the current scenario, there are many foods and every second person has become a food blogger so depends on individual and their choices. It all depends where you get delicious food.

-Mayur Patankar

Chinese Bhel. It is an Indian fast food that originated from Mumbai. Chinese bhel is overhyped and very popular mainly in teenagers, school going kids and college going crowd. It is a roadside snack usually consist of deep-fried noodles, finely chopped vegetables, artificial colours, condiments and use of ajinomoto (monosodium glutamate) attributes flavor. It is unhealthy. So dump Chinese bhel and go for simple puffed rice Indian bhel
- Rutuja Jadhav

Pav Bhaji is something that we all eat and it's not at all hyped food. It's the original recipe of Mumbai itself and if you go to any hotel across the country, you will find Pav Bhaji on their menu. You will find people ordering Pav Bhaji at Indian hotels outside the country as well, so tasty it is.

-Sukesh Borale

It's very harsh to say that our favourite food is overhyped, Vada Pav that many people eat almost daily is tasty, tempting as well as stomach filling; it might not be that healthy but it's certainly delicious. And the one that started in the streets of Mumbai is now becoming a hot favourite across the country. Those Mumbaikars staying away from the city crave for having a Vada Pav.

- Nikhil Mhatre

Many Mumbai foods are overhyped of which one is the most famous Vada Pav also known as Desi Burger. We get different types of Vada Pav across the city and in only a few places we will get tasty Vada Pav while the rest are experimental.

-Amar Shedge

I think all our street foods from Vada Pav, Bhaji Pav to bhel and Pani Puri, Pav Bhaji for that matter that we eat on a regular basis are just awesome. Those who are new to the city, they might initially not like it but over the period of time i think they will also fall in love with them.

-Sushant Sawant

I think misal pav is the most hyped Mumbai food. Though the preparation is quite unique, spicy and delicious, misal pav is not healthy. Also misal pav has no prominence in other states I think, like we have other food such as dosa or pav bhaji.

- Rajiv Kumar

I think vada pav is the most hyped food of Mumbai. Though vada pav is most loved here, I think it is nothing more than a potato pattice. I love vada pav personally, but I feel it is over hyped as a Mumbai food.

- Bunty Pathak

I love to eat Misal Pav. But it's taste changes with the change in place in Mumbai. Even the price variation is very high. It seems that many eateries are just using the name to make extra money. Many restaurants are famous for serving a variety of misal paws but they fail to give a good taste.

-Shyamal Kumar

Pav Bhaji. For a simple vegetable gravy and 2 pav, it's very overhyped as most places increase the quantity of butter almost slathering the dish with butter and selling it for Rs 200+ I feel the variations as such like Tandoori Pav Bhaji and Cheese Pav Bhai are completed overdone.

-Reece Rosario

Most overhyped food item in Mumbai these days are these fancy coffees called cappuccinos, expressos and latte’. I can bet Mumbaikars still love those strong filter coffees from Mysore cafe or the likes compared to these fancy coffees which cost a hole in the pocket. These superficially desired coffees are more of a fad of the herd mentality. The concentrates and syrups make the taste of coffee more artificial.

-Shilpa Patwardhan

Momos. I think momos made in Mumbai are overhyped. First of all, this is not typically Mumbai type of food. Momos are from the north. Those who create fuzz and hype about momo should try Modak once, which is from Maharashtra."

- Archana Ashok Pawar

Karjat Vadapav: I feel it’s overrated and overhyped because it doesn’t taste great and there are many joints in the city that serve way better than them.

In earlier days the taste was good and they used to serve nice hot and fresh vada’s which brought them to limelight. But now it’s just running because of its name

- Ashwin Adhav

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Published on: Monday, January 24, 2022, 06:00 AM IST