'What is the logic': Twitter flummoxed over Mumbai Police's '2 km rule' for vehicles
Photo by BL Soni

If Monday Blues were a person it would be DCP Pranay Ashok, Mumbai Police spokesperson. Why? Because he announced that Mumbaikars may not step out beyond a radius of two kilometres from their residence.

This is being done to limit public and vehicular movement, which continues unabated ever since #MissionBeginAgain came into force, causing a massive spike in new corona cases in the city.

However, Twitter wasn't happy with the new set of guidelines and many hit back on the micro blogging platform.

One user wrote, "Is there any need to be this aggressive? And how is a closed car going to infect anyone? And this 2 km boundary- what is the logic, please?"

Another commented, "Sorry to break it to you, CP, but until such time the competent authority issues an order to the effect of your tweet under ED Act 1897 and DM Act 2005, you have no authority to impound vehicles. Try doing something like this to my car, and I will make you pay in Bom HC."

"Who am I going to infect from a closed air conditioned car? Which government notification mentioned two KM radius? Such arbitrary rules will only serve to increase citizens harassment," added another.

Here are some more reactions.

Meanwhile, movement in the event of medical emergencies, for essential service providers and office-goers is not subject to these stringent guidelines.

Vehicular movement too has been restricted to this 2 km limit. Those vehicles found plying outside this limit without a valid reason will be impounded, the police have clarified.

"While many activities have been permitted under the Mission Begin Again guidelines issued by the state government, making the movement of people easier, the threat of Covid-19 still persists in the city. It is absolutely necessary that we all follow the norms of personal safety and social distancing. However, many people in the city have been found violating these norms, thereby endangering their own health as well as that of others in their vicinity," said DCP Pranay Ashok, Mumbai Police spokesperson.

"It is our sincere appeal to all citizens to behave responsibly and avoid unnecessary movement. The onus of defeating Covid-19 lies on all of us and we can achieve this only when we follow personal safety and social distancing guidelines at all times," added Ashok.

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