BEST could run mini buses from LTT

It is learnt that the Central Railway (CR) authorities are having some constraints in allotting parking space to BEST at Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT). The Divisional Railway Manager of CR has said that at the most, they can allow a BEST bus stop in the area, but not a BEST bus depot. The issue has been pending for quite some time and an immediate solution does not appear to be in sight. Meanwhile, travellers are fleeced by unscrupulous auto/taxi drivers charging fixed unreasonable fares even for travelling to nearby Kurla or Vidyavihar stations.

Till the issue of allocation of required area is resolved amicably between CR and BEST, it is suggested that BEST can start mini bus services (as plying from the Bhandup railway station to the inner areas in Bhandup) from Kurla and Vidyavihar railway stations, to LTT. The mini bus can have only one row of single seats on either side leaving more space for placing luggage of the travellers. Till the introduction of long distance bus services from the LTT to different corners of the city, such a mini bus service would mitigate to some extent the sufferings of the inbound and outbound LTT travellers.

— B V Gopinathan

Advocates given the runaround

The staff working at Bombay High Court (original side) does not scrutinise the application forms while accepting them for registration on the original side. Later on, when advocates go to them to obtain a registration number, the HC staff points out objections in the filled-in form. Even after complying with the same, advocates are called back once or twice for some reason or the other. As there is no online facility available for this, advocates are put to undue hardship. Will the protonotary and senior master, HC(OS) Bombay, look into this matter?

                — Advocate Vijay Thilakan

Badlapur (W) needs its own post office

Badlapur is a fast-developing suburb next to Dombivli in terms of population. At present, there is just one post office located at Badlapur (East). The people from Badlapur (West) have to cover a distance of about one kilometre to reach the other side, spending time and resources. Those who want to be in touch with their near and dear ones living in far off interior places are dependent on the Indian postal service only.

The authorities concerned should do the needful at the earliest to minimise the hardship of Badlapur (West) residents seeking postal services.

— Suhas Patwardhan, Badlapur (West)

Seeking MTNL Broadband service      

With deep regret I have to say that I am a senior citizen who has made the blunder of opting for MTNL Broadband, which has proved to be a pain in the neck. For months, I have been writing to the higher offices of the MTNL, but there has been no relief from frequent disruptions of internet service.

On July 20, 2014, I lodged a complaint with them, Complaint Number 27562198 and got a docket number 8821.  Without attending to the complaint, MTNL sent me an SMS saying, ‘Your complaint has been attended.’ So I had to lodge a complaint again on the same complaint number and got docket number 1479 – this is the audacity of MTNL.  The situation is so bad that sometimes I have barely logged in and the connection snaps, only to return a few minutes later and the same situation goes on and on, connect  and disconnect. When will this torture end? How long must I wait till MTNL solves my problem?

 — Sukumar

Two birds with one stone

Every monsoon, we keep counting potholes, err craters, and the delayed monsoon sees the enforcement of a water cut. I have a simple dual

solution that will also end ritual corruption. The proposed project could be a one-time exercise, as well as

an economical and permanent solution.

The BMC could build a running roof over all the roads in Mumbai and suburbs, that will prevent rain water from creating potholes or craters during the monsoon.

Let the rounded or sloped roofs channel the rainwater for accumulation area-wise or zone-wise, underground, to be recycled for uses

other than for drinking – so that when water cuts are announced, this water could be used. Voila! No more craters to be counted and special budgets on festival-eves can be cancelled.

The overflowing water in the catchment areas could be preserved 100 per cent for utilisation during the non-monsoon period and we need never have water cuts again. The traffic will be smoother year round. Let this proposal be not laughed off.

— Kedarnath Rajah Aiyar, Mumbai

Mulund residents’  road space hogged

Footpaths are constructed so that the public can use them, while roads are for vehicles. But in Mulund (West), near Mehul Cinema, outside Gala Nagar Building, a local Congress leader, Charan Singh Sapra has not only encroached upon the footpath, but also a major portion of the road, setting up a tent selling cheap vegetables.

It has been there for a year now, but the municipal corporation is reluctant to take any action against this encroachment making a mockery of the law.

The police and T-Ward officials too are not acting in this matter as Sapra is also an MLC.

I request the local authorities to demolish this tent and give back the public its space for safe walking.

— Vinod Agarwal

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