Home loan needlessly tied to builder’s NOC

I am in the process of selling a one-BHK flat in a redeveloped building at Chembur. The building was occupied over three years ago, but the society has not yet been registered. A bank has been insisting on the ‘No Objection Certificate’ from the developers for the sanction of a loan to the purchaser.  The developers are demanding exorbitant charges which both, the purchaser and I, can ill-afford.

Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan  had said in September 2012 that there was no need for flat owners to seek  NOC from builders for the sale or resale of flats. There is no such provision in the Maharashtra Ownership of Flats Act, 1963. He had advised going for deemed conveyance. The housing department of the government  of Maharashtra, in its notification dated September 26, 2012, has emphasised that there is no need for a builder’s NOC for sale of flats. Unfortunately, neither the government or its machinery seem to be bothered about the implementation of its own instructions.

The draft Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Bill also does not seriously address the issue of conveyance by developers. It says that the developers shall take all necessary steps to execute the conveyance, without specifying a time frame or penalty for non-compliance. Builders/developers, by virtue of circumstances, consider themselves uncrowned kings. They continue unfailingly to fleece flat-owners by demanding unreasonably hefty charges  (instead of the official transfer charges of Rs 25,000) for the issue of NOCs for the sale/resale of flats.  Is there any hope for the much harassed hapless middle class buyers and sellers of flats? Will the state government ensure that its instructions are followed in letter and spirit?

 R G Nakhate, Goregaon (W)

When will authorities mend their potholed ways?

It is quite disturbing to see the potholed state of New Panvel roads. Travel has become a roller-coaster ride, thanks to this state of affairs.

The HDFC circle that connects the node to the Sion-Panvel Highway through a rail overbridge, has developed potholes in the last few days. These potholes keep on appearing, sometimes, reappearing in the same spot.  Such pock-marked stretches cause accidents and traffic jams, not to mention the extra wear and tear of vehicles.

It is atrocious that shortly after a few showers, potholes appear. Driving at night is a near-death experience, as craters are not visible in the dark. So what kind of slapdash repair job was done by the contractors?  It is obvious that substandard materials are used in their work – is it another way of ensuring they stay in business year after year?

The horrendous state of our roads are the subject of many a newspaper expose, but nothing seems to shame the authorities into action and ensuring that the job is done on time and done right, not just for this year, but for decades?

Probir Kumar Bose, New Panvel

 Bus stop shelters would be most welcome

Many bus stops along the Eastern Express Highway, going towards Ghodbunder Road, Thane, are not provided with bus shelters. In some cases, the stop on one side of the road is provided with shelter, but on the other side, there is none. Proper bus shelters with seating arrangements should come up at these stops because, sometimes, one has to wait for a particular bus for more than a half hour. This is hard for senior citizens, pregnant women, women with very young children and more so , in summer and the rains.

Bhandup Pumping Station, Mithagar (Mulund), Anand Nagar Check Naka, Teen Haat Naka, Luiswadi, Nitin Company Junction, Cadbury Junction, Kapurbawdi, Vidyapeeth and Brahmand are a few examples of the problem stated above. There are several such bus stops in  Thane and Mumbai. The concerned authorities should do a proper survey and provide shelters wherever necessary.

S Ravichandran, Airoli

Calamity in the making

Calamity has befallen Uttarakhand, and it is obvious, it was due to Nature’s exploitation by sand dredging, deforestation, illegal mining, and especially no planning for disaster management. Nature always expresses her wrath in the shape of such calamities.

In the satellite city, Navi Mumbai, influential  politicians are carrying on  sand dredging  and they have constructed  illegal houses in the coastal zone, but no one seems to be reporting on these issues. Yes, I am talking about the glass house of Navi Mumbai, Reti  Bunder, the illegal sand dredging  at CBD and other parts of Navi Mumbai.  When such disasters occur, then always God and nature are blamed.  Why don’t we learn our lesson and do the right thing from the very beginning?

Vinod Gangwal, Navi Mumbai

 How do these structures get the go-ahead?

It is devastation in North India due to torrential rains while in Mumbai, buildings are falling like a house of cards.  Who can we hold to account?  The state government blames builders and the buyers are cheated when they buy into such ill-fated projects.  The MSEB, the water board and the BMC, all give permission to construct such buildings and the poor quality of material used cannot withstand the fury of the elements.  Then there is the matter of various renovations and alterations done by the flat-owners, all of which only serve to further weaken the building. And one can only wonder how many such buildings exist in the city and what future shocks are in store.

 C K Subramaniam, Navi Mumbai

Save the city and its satellite too

Lessons from the Uttarakhand disaster: It will be the safest if Mumbai and Navi Mumbai have protective measures in reclamation areas, like those in the Netherlands and Singapore. There should be no more reclamation, to ensure a safe future.  Going against nature is never an option. Mangroves must be protected, at all costs.  It is best not to give permission for the construction of high rises. Ten stories must be the limit for any structure in Mumbai or Navi Mumbai.  In fact, all along the country’s coastline, disaster management measures must be put in place.  Let the BMC begin from the ground up, taking care of road repairs as soon as the monsoon departs,  so that Mumbai can become pothole-free and really live up to its Shanghai dreams.

Hansraj Bhat

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