Uncle paid Rs 50 crore for a Cabinet berth: Nephew

Beed: Recently, Jaydutt Kshirsagar crossed over to the Shiv Sena from the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) and was immediately inducted into the state cabinet.

This has led to rivalry between Jaydutt and his nephew Sandeep. The latter has gone on to accuse his uncle of having paid a substantial amount of money to obtain a ministerial berth.

“Our uncle paid Rs50 crore to become a minister. This amount could have transformed the face of Beed district,” said Sandeep, at a public rally of the NCP’s Shiv Swarajya Yatra.

Other leaders present at the rally were legislator Dhananjay Munde and member of the Parliament, Amol Kolhe.

He further slammed Jaydutt for letting down the voters. “Anna, a few days ago, you were the one who told party workers, to remove their wristwatches (NCP) and pick up the bow and arrow (Shiv Sena).

But now, you are 75. At this age if you pick up the bow and arrow, you are likely to break your ribs,” said Sandeep. Political analysts say this rivalry between uncle and nephew is likely to reach flashpoint by the time of the assembly election.

Sandeep alleges that the two brothers, Jaydutt and Bharatbhushan have amassed several properties. “Both Jaydutt and Bharatbhushan have misused their power to acquire several properties in India as well as abroad,” he said.

This conflict is going to spill over to the campaigning, as it does seem likely that uncle and nephew will face off for the Beed assembly constituency.

The rivalry between the uncle and nephew has become intense. In fact, a few days ago, they came face-to-face and their respective party workers clashed.

At that time, Sandeep had publicly told his uncle, “The next time you use a social forum for political gains, I am warning you, you will be roughed up.”

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