MNS supporters vandalise a truck at Thane
MNS supporters vandalise a truck at Thane

MNS activists smashed toll booths across the state but their leader Raj Thackeray was not arrested till Wednesday. Shiv Sena activists disrupted a press conference at the Press Club of Mumbai where an Indo-Pak music band was to be announced. Those arrested for it were out on bail in three days. Manas Joshi of FPJ asked a cross-section of Mumbaikars what signals are sent to society when those who vandalise colleges, media offices, movie halls and hospitals get away so lightly.

MNS supporters vandalise a truck at Thane
MNS supporters vandalise a truck at Thane

Kumar Ketkar, senior journalist

Such developments send three messages among the people. First, it makes people think that the ruling alliance and the Home Ministry is protecting these parties for some political gain,

Secondly, people might feel that the government is afraid of taking on these political vandals,

And lastly people may also feel that the government wants to politically use these militant parties.

Aditi Chavan (12 Std student, MCC college)

When people read such things they might feel that there is partiality while maintaining law and order. These developments send a message which suggests that there are two different laws, one for the members of the political parties and the other for the common man.

Julio Ribeiro  (Former Mumbai police commissioner)

These events are a result of a long string of non-implementation of law. The government brings political considerations in the way of efficient policing. If such incidents are allowed to happen, the public will start getting a message that if anyone does anything, he/she will go scot-free as the law will not catch them.

Y P Singh ( Former IPS officer)

Such incidents are serious and undermine the rule of law. If this goes unchecked, the common man may be misled into believing that ‘anything goes’.

Gerson Dcunha (Social activist)

A person might read about such incidents and think that if you are on the right side of the political horizon you will go scot-free even if you do anything.

Prakash Bal (Political analyst)

Due to the wrong message given out by such incidents, people might feel that the law is ‘relative’ instead of being ‘irrespective’. Law abiding citizens may question themselves which may lead them to wonder ‘why is it that only they are required to follow the law.

Rahul Laud (Concerned citizen)

There is nothing new in this, neither to Mumbaikars nor Maharashtra. These goons repeat history. Since the 1960s this drama is on. That can happen only in stabilized corrupt criminal governance. Everything else is anarchy.

Dr Uttara Sahastrabuddhe (Professor, Mumbai University)

Such incidents reaffirm people’s belief that the politics is getting criminalized. Formation of parties like AAP is the effect of such causes. It also shows how the different political parties are colluding with each other to create problem in the city.

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