Vinod’s mother who has been almost cured of uterus cancer
Vinod’s mother who has been almost cured of uterus cancer
Vinod’s mother who has been almost cured of uterus cancer
Vinod’s mother who has been almost cured of uterus cancer

Mumbai : 16-year old Mansi Gupta is a resident of tehsil Bevhari from Madhya Pradesh. Late in December, she was coming back from school when suddenly she became unconscious and fell under the scorching sun.

The fits and dizzying eyesight became common the following month. However, her local doctors were unable to find the cause. Later in Bhubhaneshwar she got to know that she is suffering from fibromatosis- tumor of skeletal muscle.

Gupta’s dream of sitting in the exam and coming out with flying colours looked bleak. Not only studies, but her life seemed slipping away as she knew that his father who earns a living by selling chana and earns around Rs 4500 per month will not be able to support her treatment.

“When I got to know that my treatment will take at least an year and the cost of treatment will run in lakhs my hope diminished further as my father just had Rs 16,000 for my treatment. But then we got to know about RGJAY. The Tata staff assisted us through the formalities and within minutes we had the benefits,” said Gupta.

Now, Gupta is taking chemotherapy and supportive care and all her expenses are being taken care of under the yojana.

Vinod Singh, a shopkeeper who has lost his father to cancer is now getting his mother and sister cured for the same.

 “My father’s surgery had exhausted all our savings. When my mother and sister were detected with the same, the possibilities of getting them treated looked bleak,” said Vinod, whose mother has cancer of uterus while sister has developed lung cancer.

The RGJAY has provided an aid of Rs 75,000 to Vinod’s family. “We come in the hospital without any cash. They provide us with free food and even free transportation service,” said Vinod.

Other patient Bhubhneshwar Prasad (72) has come from Bihar for getting treatment of esophagus cancer. He is a farmer and has no one in the family.

“My savings were Rs 13,000 and that was all I had when I visited the city. But today I am getting proper food, bedding, medicines and tests. Doctor has said that they will even give me the railway fare till my home. I couldn’t have imagined such a thing ten years before,” said Prasad.

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