Tia Costa
Tia Costa

Tia Costa, a six-year-old resident of Bandra would never let anybody touch her hair. Cutting them was next to impossible. Inspired by a video on Instagram, Tia cut her knee-length tresses to get a wig made out of it for cancer patients.

Touched by how cancer patients lose their hair during chemotherapy, Tia wanted to gift a wig made up of her tresses as a Christmas gift to a needy patient. When asked how she felt parting away from her hair, which she fondly named Rapunzel hair, the six-year-old said, "I am happy that I can share my hair with a needy. My hair will grow back, but by donating, I will be able to put a smile on someone's face, who lost their hair due to cancer."

Four months ago, little Tia was watching a video on Instagram which featured noted Hair Stylist Elton Steve Vessaokar of Hair Masters luxury salon in Bandra. The video was about hair donation for cancer.

Six-year-old cuts her 'Rapunzel' hair to make a wig as a Christmas gift for cancer patients

"A teenage girl was donating her hair for cancer patients. Tia loves her hair very much. Watching someone cutting their hair and donating it puzzled her. She asked us about it and we explained that a wig will be made out of the donated hair for needy cancer patients. We explained that cancer patients lose their hair during treatment. She did not stop there. She began reading up about cancer patients. Seeing the picture of people, especially kids, with no hair affected Tia a lot. She told us that she wanted to cut her hair and donate it for the cause," said Tia's mother Sharmaine Costa.

Tia, according to her parents, always wants to help people. However, they never imagined that she would cut her hair -something that she is very fond of- and donate it.

Sharmaine added, "Initially, we thought she just said it after seeing those pictures of cancer patients. However, she kept reminding us about it. We kept on telling her it is not wise to go now during coronavirus. Finally, now that Christmas is around the corner, she said wanted to cut her hair and donate it as her gift for Christmas to a patient. We had to give in, she was so excited to do this."

Tia did not go to any other salon, but the same one she saw in the Instagram video that had inspired her to donate her hair. She happily packed her tresses in a packet to be sent away to make a wig.

Little Tia is now very eager to see the smiling face of a patient who would a wig made up of her hair.

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