Mumbai : The sky remained overcast on Monday because of clouds drifting from Lakshadweep. The weather bureau has predicted cloudy skies for the next two 

“Lakshadweep is overcast with heavy clouds since Sunday night. The winds have carried the clouds to the south-western regions due which many parts of Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Goa and Kerala remained overcast with heavy clouds. Mumbai was one of them,” said K S Hosalikar, Deputy Director, IMD.
Hosalikar also said that the city will remain enveloped with clouds over next 48 hours. “The city will remain clouded until the sky in Lakshadweep clears up. It will take 24 to 48 hours,” said Hosalikar.
However, the temperature will not drop.
“The temperature will rise because the radiation will remain trapped in the atmosphere, as the clouds will prevent it from escaping out. We can expect a fall in temperature only after the clouds clear up,” said Hosalikar.
According to the Weather Department, the maximum temperature is expected to rise up to 32 degrees C by Wednesday. While it will rise further to 34 degrees C on Thursday. On Monday, the maximum temperature in city was 31 degrees C while minimum 25 degrees C.
The minimum temperature on Wednesday will be 27 degrees C while on Thursday it will climb up to 28 degrees C. The days are expected to be cloudy. By Friday, the maximum temperature is expected to go down to 31 degree C, however minimum will be 25 degrees C.

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