Pet Fed festival in Mumbai: Let them loose, let them roll

SHIKHA JAIN walks you through the ongoing Pet Fed festival for pets and pet lovers

When humans have a carnival, everyone has a gala time! Why not have a carnival dedicated to our pets? Pet Fed is a pet festival for pets and pet lovers, spread across three acres of lush green land and our four-legged friends are having no less than a celebration. Pets are curious beings just like humans. Your pet wants to go out, they might want to go to different food stalls, check out a few accessories and even socialise with other furry beings. “There are so many amazing games, activities and competitions they would love to be a part of, but cannot say it loud. So it’s our responsibility to dedicate these two days to them. To make sure that they have so much fun that they will love you even more – if that’s even possible,” says Akshay Gupta, Founder, Pet Fed. “I have always loved the idea of a pet carnival. This would be my fourth year with them and I was sold with the idea as soon as I had my first word with Akshay. We also get to educate so many new and potential pet parents, so in short, this was the reason for me to support this event,” says Dino Morea, celebrity and investor.

Pet Fed festival in Mumbai: Let them loose, let them roll

Happy highlights

Pet Fed thrives on the ideal of creating one-of-a-kind experiences for both pets and parents. There are activities ranging from Fashion Show, Security Dog Show and Temptation Alley to curated arenas like Off-leash Play Area, Cat Zone, alongside music, food and pet care stalls. “Over the years the emotions captured at the festival of not just humans but also all pets, have reassured me that they definitely have a gala time,” vouches Akshay. “I have two pets and I always take them to Pet Fed. They love every bit of it. They love all the games, fun activities, and everything that is planned at the carnival! The amount of happiness I get to see on their faces is unparalleled,” smiles Dino.

Incidentally, the showstopper pooch will walk the ramp with actor Dino Morea. They are working towards making India a pet-friendly country and in support of #AdoptDontShop, providing free entry to pet parents of Indies. Pet owners will also get to explore innovations in pet care, in the form of products and services from across India and abroad. The festival is also open to people who don’t have pets; they can come and be around scores of furry friends and get loads of puppy love.

Pet Fed festival in Mumbai: Let them loose, let them roll

Adopt, don’t shop

There is an entire network of breeders who bring foreign breeds illegally to our land. These are the breeds for whom India’s climate is not suitable at all. Most people have this misconception that we can bring them over anyway and everything will be okay if we keep them in an air conditioned room. “This is not how it works. Try wearing a fur coat and walk around during summers in Mumbai and you would understand what we humans put them through,” says Akshay. Under the pretence and fancies of owning an exotic dog, we end up indirectly encouraging such illegal breeding activities. Many dogs are also abandoned due to the same issues. “We urge every one of our followers to adopt pets who would have a loving home rather than encouraging breeding,” he emphasises.

Pet Fed festival in Mumbai: Let them loose, let them roll

Pet-friendly country

With over 18 million domestic pets and millions of stray animals, we know that our planet is supposed to be shared equally by every living being. The fact that humans can talk and animals can’t, it is taken undue advantage of and animals are treated as second class citizens. “We need to be more ethical in our approach towards animals and teach our future generations from the start about the importance of loving a pet and treating them equally,” says Dino. Not only does it teach them major characteristics and help to build their personality, it also ensures a safe and secure environment for our furry friends. “On the flip side, I really don’t feel there is ever a con to reside in a pet friendly country!” he concludes.

When: January 19 to 20, 2019

Where: MMRDA Grounds, BKC

Time: 11 am – 9 pm

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