Navi Mumbai: 3,055 type one and 1,040 type two containment zones in NMMC
Navi Mumbai: 3,055 type one and 1,040 type two containment zones in NMMC
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The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) has declared a whopping 3,055 type one and 1,040 type two containment zones under its jurisdiction. However, there is only one containment zone of type three. The civic body has categorized containment zones into three types and they are decided by the assistant municipal commissioner of the ward and civic medical officer.

After a sharp rise in the number of active cases of COVID-19, NMMC issued a circular for declaring containment zones and sealing a building or an area. Now, there are three categories of containment zones.

As per the new the guideline, under type one category of containment zone, for a building up to five cases of COVID-19, only the floor of the building in which the patients reside will be sealed. In case, the number of COVID-19 patients are six or more are identified in a building, then the whole building will be sealed.

Similarly, under the type two category, in case the building or complex has more than one wing and the entry and exit are only one, the whole complex or building will be sealed. Responsibility for informing other society members and coordinating with the municipal authorities will be chairman or secretary's, irrespective number of cases in the building. In addition, only essential services will be allowed. If COVID-19 positive cases are found in individual bungalow/ shop/ hutment then along with the bungalow and two neighbouring shops or houses both on the left and the right side will be sealed.

In the third category, if the COVID-19 cases are 10 or more like a whole area, mohalla, slum or a lane, then the whole geographical area will be made into a containment zone. The ward officer along with the medical officer will create a 100 meters radius for containment zones. The senior police inspector of respective will be responsible for implementing the norms and if anyone is found violating it, legal action will be taken under Section 188 of IPC.

The civic body is taking legal action against people who are in home isolation and are found outside their homes. So far, the civic body has registered FIR against four such persons.

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