Mumbra: Heavy rainfall leads to waterlogging, traffic snarls

Mumbra, July 19: Heavy rainfall since last three days has resulted in waterlogging and traffic snarls near Shilphata in Mumbra. The Thane traffic police had diverted the traffic coming towards Shilphata.

Balasaheb Patil, deputy commissioner of police, Thane traffic police said the traffic on the road was easing on Monday evening.

"There was water till waist and chest on the stress on Shilphata road. Our traffic personnel and disaster management cell along with local authorities were easing the traffic and seeing that no vehicle or pedestrian was stuck in the water. On Monday after waterlogging came down we started the one lane," added Patil further stating that the traffic towards Mumbra was diverted.

"The vehicles coming from Kharegaon and Kalwa towards Mumbra were diverted to use the other way. Motorists coming from Taloja and Mahape were diverted due to waterlogging and traffic snarls," added Patil.

Gani Khopekar, a pickup tempo driver who was heading from Panvel to Mumbra was stuck for three hours return back.

"I had to deliver frozen chapati to a distributor at Mumbra. After a long trip of over 18 hours from Ratnagiri to Panvel, I was stuck in the traffic. Thanks to the traffic police, to whom I requested and he made way to take a U turn and I returned back. Or the completely frozen material would have been wasted, as it needed to be kept in the fridge on time."

Amir Shaikh, an auto-rickshaw driver from Mumbra claims there are hardly any auto-rickshaws on the stretch, as auto-rickshaws are the life of Mumbra.

"On Saturday night people had to leave their vehicle on the road, as it was water till the waist. It was a repeat of 26 July, 2005. Taking an auto-rickshaw out means to spend on repair later," added Shaikh.

However, video of waterlogging and traffic snarls on the stretch went viral raising a question on the authorities as to how planned the city is.

The complete road from Amrut Nagar to Shilphata stretch was full with water, which came from the Mumbra hills. Local corporator and activists claim it was due to an ongoing development project.

Shanu Pathan, local Nationalist Congress party corporator of Mumbra and opposition leader of Thane Municipal Corporation blames the authorities for the unplanned city.

"The ongoing project and development had resulted in waterlogging. If they are planning a city like Mumbra, which has a flow of water from hills. They should have given a proper way for water to be released into the creek. But the water got stuck in the city, which is in-between the hills and creek resulting in losses to the common man who's already suffering from the pandemic," added Pathan.

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