Mumbai: Mumbai’s middle class has warmly welcomed the landslide victory of the Bharatiya Janata Party and its allies in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The city’s middle-class has always reposed faith in the BJP-led government and a rousing second mandate makes them feel the entire nation is now walking with them on the same path.

Azad Singh, a businessman from Santacruz feels that in 2014, India became independent from the monopoly of the Congress, and now, it is time for the nation to rapidly transform into a global economy, “The BJP has successfully united the whole nation and with Narendra Modi as the PM, we are looking ahead to becoming a powerful one,” he said.

While many feel that the Modi-Shah nationalist sentiments have brought voters together, some feel Rahul Gandhi’s stunt of calling the Prime Minister ‘chor’ felt like a cheap shot. In a country like India, family values and respect matter a lot, so when Rahul tried such stunts, he lost the trust of voters,” said Priyanka Rai, an IT professional.

Around three years ago, demonetisation shook the entire Indian economy and the implementation of the goods and service tax piled on the misery for the middle class, who complained about their economic stability being affected. But now, these decisions are considered the foundation stone of economic modification in the country. “Demonetisation was implemented to curb black money, yes, there were some loopholes, but at least, it was a beginning,” said Radhika Sawant, a homemaker. She said demonetisation had increased savings, as cash was hard to come by.

With GST, the price of miscellaneous goods fell and with the introduction of online transactions, their unreasonable expenditures also registered a drop, she recollects. With the Balakot air strike in February and the surgical strikes after the 2016 terrorist attacks made many Mumbaikars feel India had attained global respect

. “There were terrorist attacks even before, but did we ever strike deep into enemy territory then?” asks Hemant Gupta, who believes that Narendra Modi has shown the world what India is capable of and in the coming five years, his government will only carry forward the flag of development.

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