Good news for Mumbaikars! After being in pipeline for over four years, Mumbai’s Development Plan (DP) 2034 is finally set to come in force from Saturday (September 1). Vilas Nagalkar, a city-based architect told Hindustan Times, “There will not be any ambiguity to check which set of rules (DCR 1991 or DCPR 2034) would be applied to projects as at least the sanctioned DP will come into effect. However, since most of the important provisions related to higher FSI are in the EP, most developers will wait for it to get sanctioned.”

The DP 2034 has been surrounded by controversies over its provisions for increasing floor space index (FSI) for the city in the range of 2.5 to 5-plus. This is not just it, the DP was questioned for its crucial provisions like affordable housing over Mumbai’s salt pan land and no-development zones. Also, transit-oriented development along metro lines have not yet been cleared.

Pankaj Joshi, director, Urban Design Research Institute, told the leading daily, “This DP has gone through a good deal of suggestions and objections, most of which were included by the state government and this has been sanctioned. We have similar hopes for the EP.”

The new blueprint, which was sanctioned by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis in April, was originally meant to be implemented from June 22. But the state government had to defer its implementation till September 1 after several discrepancies were noticed in the sanctioned plan.