Mumbai's doubling rate jumps as Covid cases dip

Drop in the daily corona cases in the city has led to an increase in the doubling rate which is now 246 days.

According to the dashboard, four of 24 BMC wards have a doubling rate of more than 300 days, while the remaining 19 wards have a doubling rate of 200 days except for R-north ward which has a doubling rate of 172 days.

Civic officials and doctors have attributed this surge to strict measures and time restrictions that helped curb cases following which the doubling rate has increased along with that recovery rate has also touched 92 per cent.

Till May 1, the doubling rate of the city was 96 days which has now increased to 246 days on May 17. It means three-fold rise in the last 17 days. Moreover, M West ward which covers Chembur has a doubling rate of 329 days, followed by N-ward (324 days), T-ward (317 days) C-ward (312 days), G-north (290 days), L-ward (288 days) and F-south ward(287 days). However, the R-north ward has the lowest doubling rate of 172 days.

“A high doubling period means cases are rising at a slow pace, reflecting in more vacant hospital beds meant for patients. At this stage, even if there is a spurt in cases, the healthcare system would be prepared for it,” said a senior health official from the civic health department.

The weekly growth rate of cases in Mumbai over the last seven days - which serves as the basis on which the doubling rate is calculated - has dropped to 0.28%. The projected doubling rate increased as daily reporting of the Covid-19 positive cases decreased.

Suresh Kakani, an additional municipal commissioner said there are many reasons following which the doubling rate of cases has increased to 246 days in the last 17 days. Moreover, strict restrictions implemented after the second wave have yielded a good result.

“Increase in the doubling rate is a good sign for the city as most of the wards have shown good improvement due to which except one ward the doubling rate of all wards is above 200 days. Moreover over the last one week daily cases have also reduced below 2,000 and we expect it will reduce below 1,000 by next week,” he said.

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