The Mumbai police have been slammed on social media for posting a ‘disturbing’ video which shows a man accidentally falling off a high-rise building while trying to take a selfie.

The Mumbai police on Wednesday tweeted, “Attempt for the most daring selfie? Or just another irresponsible adventure? Whatever this was for, it clearly wasn’t worth the risk! #SafetyFirst”. The video shows the man standing right at the edge of a building trying to click selfie slips and falls. Mumbai Police shared the video to spread awareness about safety.

Mumbai police, which often wins Mumbaikars’ hearts with its witty tweets, but not this time. The Netizens immediately started trolling Mumbai Police. One user wrote: “Please do not post such videos without trigger warnings”. To which they responded saying, “The tweet clearly warns users to not indulge in such misadventures as it is risky.”

A Twitter user, Vivek tweeted in reply, “Please delete the above tweet and tweet again with the disclaimer. It won’t hurt to do that. A warning message in the replies won’t suffice. Thank you.” Another user, Rujuta tweeted, “Please do not post such videos without trigger warnings”.