Mumbai Police registered 632 cases of COVID-19 violations on May 1

Mumbai: In it's continuous action against the lockdown violators, the Mumbai police on Friday registered 632 offenses of lockdown violations taking the total number of offenses registered so far to 37,653 to since March 21, 2021.

Of the cases registered on Friday, most of the violations were of loitering at public places without valid reason, total 268 such offences were registered on Friday. Apart from this, 159 shop keepers were booked for violations along with 141 other people who were booked for not wearing mask at public places.

As per the figures, 31 cases were of crowding at public places were registered on Friday while 10 hotel owners were booked for flouting the norms. The police also registered 9 seperate offenses of illegal transportation and against hawkers. Three COVID-19 patients were booked for breaking the quarantine rule and two pan shop owners were also booked for lockdown violations on Friday.

Most of the violations were recorded in Central region were 155 cases have been registered followed by North region where 145 cases were registered on Friday. East region recorded 129 cases, South region 119 and West region recorded 84 cases on Friday.

The second wave of coronavirus has hit Mumbai police hard as well, in April alone Mumbai police lost 11 police persons owning to COVID -19 highest since September last year when police suffered 16 casualties. From December to March police did not record any death due to COVID-19. So far 8,605 police personnel have contracted the virus and at present, there are 453 active cases in the city police force.

Free Press Journal