Mumbai: Over 12k vehicles stolen from city in past four years

After the explosive-laden SUV found near the residence of top industrialist Mukesh Ambani last month, the Mumbai police started focusing on vehicle thefts as the SUV used in the Antilia episode was found to be stolen.

The statistics issued by the Mumbai Police suggested that over 12,000 vehicles have been stolen from the city in the last four years and detection rate in the cases of vehicle thefts is less than 38 percent.

According to the statistics, 12,034 cases of vehicle thefts have been registered since 2017. However, only 4,567 cases have been recovered so far with detection rate 37.95 percent. The number of vehicles recovered is even lesser as not in every case police are able to recover vehicles, sometimes the accused sell these vehicles in other states making it difficult to recover while in some cases accused dismantle them for their parts.

In 2017 a total 3,012 vehicles were stolen from the city, of them police were able to solve 935 cases with detection rate of 31 percent. A year later, 3,203 vehicles were stolen from the city streets of which 1331 cases have been solved by the police with a rate of 42 percent.

In 2019 the city reported a 16 percent decline in the cases of vehicle theft as compared to that of a year ago. In that year 2,693 vehicles were stolen from Mumbai and police were so far able to solve 1,157 cases with a rate of 43 percent.

Last year a marginal increase was recorded in the cases with 2,801 vehicles had been stolen in 2020 of which police were able to solve 1,085 cases with detection rate of 39 percent. In January this year 325 vehicles were stolen from the city and police were able to detect 59 cases so far.

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