Mumbai: Most of us ignored joint and bone health during pandemic, shows survey

Swapnil Mishra | Updated on: Friday, April 08, 2022, 11:56 PM IST

Mumbai: Most of us ignored joint and bone health during pandemic, shows survey | Photo: Pexels
Mumbai: Most of us ignored joint and bone health during pandemic, shows survey | Photo: Pexels

Drastic reduction in mobility, changed working patterns, and altered lifestyles had a severe impact on the bone and joint health of Mumbaikars in the last two years of the pandemic. This has been revealed by a recent study conducted by the Fortis Hospital in Mulund. As per the study, 41 per cent of citizens spent 10 hours each day working from home, while 73 per cent did not have a proper set-up at home to work efficiently. This study was conducted after doctors witnessed a surge in the number of orthopaedic complaints being reported across Mumbai.

The sample size of the study was 5,005 and all were above 18 years of age. The survey focused on critical factors such as risks, preventive and reactive measures, and the importance of exercise and dietary modulation. It also centred on gadget use, work-household balance, behaviour and lifestyle changes made during the pandemic, and the significance given to bone health. The findings reveal bone and joint health isn’t a priority for many despite increasing awareness over the past few years.

Dr Kaushal Malhan, director of orthopaedics and joint replacement surgery at the hospital, said the results were concerning. While most people experienced some bone and joint-related discomfort – mainly in the neck, back and shoulders – the majority delayed or avoided hospital visits for consultation with a doctor. “Due to the pandemic, people were away from their exercise regimen and activities for the last two years. Now the pandemic restrictions have been lifted; they need to be cautious when they get back to their pre-Covid lifestyle and exercise routine,” he said, adding that people should screen themselves for any issue related to bone health that may not have received attention due to the lockdown.

The survey highlights how sitting for a long duration for work and neglecting regular exercise have led to different health issues across all age groups. People should consult doctors and should proceed with delayed interventions and pending screening to avoid further complications.

Dr Siddharth M Shah, consultant for orthopaedics and a joint replacement surgeon from SL Raheja Hospital, Mahim, said, “Increased consumption of high fat, ready-to-eat and sugar-rich foods, and drastically decreased physical activity, have aggravated the obesity problems in youth, all leading up to tremendously increased load on the joints and muscles.”

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Published on: Friday, April 08, 2022, 11:56 PM IST