Mumbai: Maharashtra braces for tsunami of 11L active cases by April end

According to the projections made by the Government of India, Maharashtra will witness more than 11 lakh active cases by the end of April if the restrictions are not in place to control the cases which are spreading very fast. The Covid-19 Task-force members said the suspected and mild symptomatic COVID patients are the invisible super spreaders due to which cases are increasing rapidly across Maharashtra and it needs to be closely monitored.

Senior health officials said that Maharashtra accounts for 55 percent of the overall cases in India, while in the last six days 3.5 lakh cases have been reported in the state which is a matter of concern. “The virus can only be controlled if we get a co-operation with the citizens on following the covid norms strictly following which we can expect that the cases will start reducing across Maharashtra,” he said.

Dr Shashank Joshi, member of the state Covid-19 Task Force said there is a need to follow the chain and virus breaking strategy across the state to curb the rising cases. There are 80 per cent of Covid patients who are asymptomatic, but remaining 20 per cent are suspected or mildly or moderately symptomatic patients who are acting as an invisible super spreader. “The projection of the GOI is scary as they have predicted that state to have more than 11 lakh active cases by the end of April. We need to closely monitor each and every patient even though they show mild or moderate symptoms as they are super spreaders. Asymptomatic corona patients need to strictly adhere to Covid protocols even though they are home quarantined. It is the only place from where we can infect close family members and friends,” he said.

Dr Vispi Jokhi, CEO, Masina Hospital said the projections seem a realistic as many people have thrown caution to the wind -- careless about social distancing, use of masks and sanitisation. The numbers started to increase when public transport was opened. “Even then as epidemiologically any pandemic has a second wave. India was due for a second wave and that is happening late just as the first wave also came late to India. But despite all this, the number of cases in Maharashtra and in Mumbai are more than those in other parts of the country which baffles me. The silver lining is that Mumbai may achieve herd immunity faster than other cities,” he said.

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