Mumbai: Lockdown brings down city's crime rate by 30%

As the Covid-19 cases started to rise at an alarming rate in the city, the state government imposed a mini lockdown in April, which was followed by strict lockdown to control the virus spread. The lockdown has helped to reduce the number of COVID-19 cases and it also helped to reduce the city's crime rate by 30 per cent.

The police attribute this decline to strict implementation of lockdown norms.

As per crime statistics issued by the Mumbai Police, 1,699 cases were reported in the city prior to the lockdown, in March. However this number came down to 1,194 in April, a decline of almost 30 per cent.

Almost all types of crimes saw a decline in April as compared to that of March. 7 murder cases were registered in April while in previous months there were 15 murders reported in the city. The attempt to murder cases also came down to 27 in April from 34 cases registered a month ago.

In April, the city reported 40 cases of robberies which were 66 previously. Cases of chain snatching have also come down to 4 in April as compared to that of a month ago when 14 cases had been registered. Cases of house breaking too came down to 85 from 115 reported a month ago. Besides, cases of theft came down to 258 in April as compared to 366 which were reported a month earlier. The cases of motor vehicle thefts have shown similar decline, in March 329 vehicles were stolen in the city which has reduced 198 in April. Assault cases came down to 321 in April as compared to 435 cases registered a month ago. The number of rioting incidents remained untouched at 27 for both the months.

Moreover cases of crime against women has also reduced in April, last month 66 rape cases were registered in the city while in March it's count was at 70. Molestation cases have come down to 138 as compared to 201 cases which were registered in March.

Mumbai police spokesperson DCP S Chaitanya said, "While cracking down heavily on criminals with multiple cases we are also focusing on preventive actions. In some instances the criminals have been either externed from the city limits or they have been sent back to jail as well".

However as the city police stepped up its action against the lockdown violators from April the number of other offences including cases registered under the IPC section 188 (disobeying public servant's order) have been increased substantially. In April 7,843 other offences including cases of section 188 we're registered while in March it's count was at 2,308.

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