Mumbai: Jhanvi Kukreja’s mother wants to be heard on accused Shree’s bail plea

Filing an intervention in the bail application filed by accused Shree Jogdhankar in her daughter Jhanvi Kukreja’s murder case, Nidhi Kukreja has stated in her plea that she wants to be heard in the bail proceedings.

The plea states that she is a devastated mother of the victim and sought that she be allowed to plead her case. Kukreja further said in her plea that it was a ‘premeditated’ murder and that Shree is seeking bail at a time when the investigations are underway. She added that after the crime they went to different hospitals to get away with the crime.

Advocate Trivankumar Karnani appearing for Kukreja said about Jogdhankar’s bail plea that there are tactical suppressions of material facts including the previous criminal history of the main accused. “The grounds on which he is seeking bail are frivolous, deceptive and fraudulent in nature. It also consists of fabricated and spurious theories regarding the incident with the motive to mislead the court.”

Jogdhankar in his bail plea filed on Monday had stated that even if allegations are taken at face value, it is at worst a case of culpable homicide not amounting to murder and not a case of murder.

Earlier, the deceased's mother had filed an intervention in co-accused Diya Padalkar’s bail application, which was allowed by the court.

Free Press Journal