Mumbai: The Top View of Parel Smart City Look . Photo by BL SONI
Mumbai: The Top View of Parel Smart City Look . Photo by BL SONI

Mumbai: The newly-unveiled development plan DP-2034 for Greater Mumbai will create more per capita open space for the city. According to the data, currently the ratio of public open space is 1.28 square metre per capita which will be increased up to 3.37 square metre per capita. The additional space will be created from redevelopment of slum and make it mandatory to keep open space in building big residential complexes.

The new DP will be blueprint for the city’s land use over the next 16 years. It also paved the way for the space-starved city to have more land available to build homes and commercial spaces.

The new plan also stresses on the concept of walking to work and the maintenance of open spaces. Open spaces in metros are meant play grounds (PG), recreation ground (RG) and only gardens. In new DP, these open spaces are going to be increased up to 3.37 square metre per capita. If the open spaces of Aarey, Sanjay Gandhi National Park, natural areas including mangrove land and marshy land included in this the ratio, public open spaces will go up to 4.83 square metre per capita. According to BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), the new development plan is based on the projection that Mumbai’s population will go up by 2034. According to 2011 Census, Mumbai’s population stands at 1.24 crore. Availability of new land significantly affects the city with a dense population.

Issues like creating more old age homes are also addressed in the new development plan. The buildings constructed 30 years ago will get benefit of 15 per cent extra Floor Space Index (FSI) for redevelopment, without charging any premium. They will have to pay premium for fungible FSI of 15 percent, applicable to their construction. The draft development plan was passed by the civic body on 1 August 2017. and 263 suggestions were proposed out which only 104 were accepted by the state government. These suggestions were mainly related to reservations.

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