The President of Cuffe Parade Residents Association, Padmakar Nandekar, has been arrested by Mumbai Police for allegedly raping a Brazilian girl.  The girl, who is 19 years old, had come to India under a youth exchange programme. She stayed with the Nandekars for six months before moving with another family in Bandra in March this year.

According to FIR registered with Cuffe Parade Police, Nandekar, 52, went to dinner with the victim on April 15 this year at a five-star hotel in suburban Mumbai. The girl alleged that he mixed something in her drink during dinner due to which she started feeling dizzy after a few glasses and became unconscious.

She could not remember what exactly happened after that and found herself waking up the next morning in the hotel room with Nandekar. She was shocked by the incident and went to her guardian familys home in Bandra. Although she did not inform them about the incident at first, she revealed the matter to the family recently. After listening to her ordeal, the family contacted Cuffe Parade Police. Police filed an FIR in the case after some initial investigations. Nandekar was also picked up from his home on Monday, May 21. He has been remanded in police custody till May 24.