Mumbai: Court denies bail to man who assaulted ex-lover with knife

A sessions court on Monday rejected the bail application of a 32-year-old accused of attempting to kill his ex-lover, noting that having a knife in his pant-pocket showed his intention.

The court said it is pertinent to note that the applicant Ajay Kamble had a knife in his pant pocket and that the victim had bleeding injuries from the attack. It also noted that instead of helping save her after the assault, he threatened the public gathered at the spot not to help her and told her to die before leaving the spot. It also noted that the medical certificate described her neck injury as ‘grievous endangering to life’. The court said that the fact that he had a knife when he took her to the spot and assaulted her shows his intention. It said there is a prima facie case against him of a serious offence and that there is a possibility he may cause injury to the woman if released on bail.

Kamble had married someone else after being in a relationship with the woman for three years. The victim had then broken ties with him. He allegedly kept calling her from different numbers and insisting she marry him. On June 19, 2020, he called her from an unknown number and told her that if she does not marry him he will commit suicide. When she left work, she found him waiting outside. He picked up a quarrel and took her to a spot and made her speak with his sister. When she refused to marry him on the phone call with his sister, he assaulted her with a blow to her chest, she fell and he then attacked her on her neck with a knife. While she lay bleeding he threatened the public not to help her and allegedly told her that she will die.

In the bail plea Kamble said that he had assaulted the woman in a fit of anger and had no intention to kill her.

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