Mumbai court denies bail to cop in rape case; accused had forced partner to abort child

A Mumbai sessions court has rejected the bail application of a policeman in a rape case where he is booked for forcing himself on his partner and also trying to compel her to undergo an abortion.

While opposing his plea, the police informed the court he is facing trial in a 2018 case of kidnapping and murder and a 2017 case of assaulting Electricity department staff with a paver block when he was found stealing electricity to the tune of Rs. 11.36 lakh.

Additional Sessions Judge Sanjashree J. Gharat said in her order that the DNA report is conclusive evidence to support the contention made by the complainant. It also noted the allegations of the woman that initially they had consensual sexual relations and thereafter, he started forcing himself on her. Further that, he used to confine her, beat her and forced her to abort the child.

Judge Gharat also observed that he was not ready to give DNA samples after registration of the FIR and that they were taken only after directions given by the apex court.

“The applicant is in the police department. However he is doing private business by running a gym. He was absent from duty for one and a half years and facing trial for serious offence of murder,” the court said. It added that looking into his antecedents it is not inclined to grant him bail.

The woman had approached the police after the man allegedly forcibly took her to a clinic in Vikhroli to terminate the pregnancy. However, since she was 16 weeks pregnant at the time, the abortion was not possible. As per her complaint, he had allegedly confined her in his gym where she used to work earlier after they had developed relations and had beat her badly insisting that she abort the foetus. He had also put her pregnancy report on her Facebook wall to shame her.

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