Mumbai: Cops ask elderly to be aware of imposters trying to dupe them

In a crackdown against the imposters posing as policemen and targeting senior citizens to trick them into removing their jewellery for 'safety', Mumbai Police officials have been creating awareness so that the seniors are not duped. While discussing the problems, police also told them what to do if one finds themself in such a situation and evades being duped.

Police said that the efficacy of intelligence-led policing, nicknamed as ‘Corner Meetings’ with community, has helped create utmost awareness and built a great rapport between citizens and police. As a part of this citizen corner meeting model, the patrolling teams, including senior police officials strike a conversation with the locals, mostly during 6-10pm to know the lay of the land.

An officer said that in a number of cases, the men posing as cops approach elderly people wearing gold jewellery and warn them of the consequences of walking alone on the street wearing such ornaments. These crooks then ask them to take off her gold ornaments and put them in a plastic bag to prevent it from being snatched. Just as soon as the seniors do so, the impostors immediately take a run for it and flee with the valuables.

Explaining what to do if an imposter approaches them, an official said that one should always go in a public place with many people as soon as they suspect something fishy. Even more, an elderly could always call for help and alert everyone, or simply walk into a store and tell them about the men trying to dupe them.

Stating the boons of citizen corner meetings, a police official said, “We listen to their grievances and strive to resolve the issues quickly. High visibility of police on streets has deterred crimes and simultaneously, law-abiding citizens have gradually instilled a sense of confidence in police. The Corner Meetings have formed a true bond between the police and citizens." While many senior citizens have been in regular attendance of these meetings, police have been teaching them to be aware and not get cheated.

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