Mumbai: Chembur couple continues cuppa for cops on duty, spreads smiles & cheer

In the midst of the pandemic, when everyone has been thinking of ways to reach out to the society and do their bit to help, a Chembur-based couple has shown that a small cup of tea with a big smile can do wonders to not only boost their morale but also keep them fresh and hydrated.

Chembur's Rosemond D'souza and his wife Sweety go on a daily evening round distributing tea to the cops manning the nakabandi points day and night for the public to ensure lockdown rules are tightly abided to.

Be it summer, rain or wind, the couple is always at work to give respite in the form of a cup of tea to the policemen. Taking full precautions to ensure they as well as the others they serve are protected, the tea is homemade and carefully carried in thermos. When asked if they are not scared of being exposed to the virus while doing the work, Rosemond said that they treat policemen like family, and simply offer a helping hand.

The D'Souza couple has been doing the Samaritan work since the first lockdown that was announced in March last year and continue to do so in the second installment as well. Rosemond, 49, a civil contractor and his wife, a homemaker, start their drive of distributing tea from Mankhurd and go upto Chembur, covering at least eight points of nakabandi where police personnel are stationed, often in locations with no access to drinking water, tea or snacks.

Rosemond said, "Every day we make a limited batch of tea at our homes and go on a mission to distribute the tea in our car. We carry reusable cups, keeping in mind the wastage that could lead due to plastic/paper cups, and start from Mankhurd, where the old Octroi Naka was located. Sometimes the batch of tea is sufficient, other times not, but we make it a point to reach out to the police where they need tea the most, at the same time, around 4pm, in their service." Earlier, the couple distributed snacks along with the tea, but after Sweety, 45, developed a few health issues, they did the most that could be done with a hot cup of tea.

While in the first lockdown, the couple had started their drive in May, this time they began less than a week after the second installment of lockdown was announced on April 15. Speaking about the idea that inspired the couple, Rosemond said that his wife Sweety is the driving force behind the work, who wanted to do good and spread some cheer, love in the form of a cup of tea.

When asked how does the couple handle finances at a time when incomes are drying up and people are rendered jobless, Rosemond said, "We never really gave it a thought and purchased all the items along with our household items at our own provisions. Neither we expect any help from others nor any recognition. In fact, if people in the society came forward and offered a small cup of tea and biscuits to the policemen, frontline workers deployed outside their gates by taking turns, it would not only instill faith in the human race but also boost the police's morale."

A police personnel from the eastern suburbs said that the D'Souza couple's simple gesture means a lot to them and gives them respite from scorching heat, fatigue and stress. While police have been dearly thankful to the couple's efforts, they could not have asked for more.

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