In good news for commuters on the Harbour Line as their ride during monsoon is going to smooth. The Central Railway (CR) is set to do away with old retrofitted rakes, replacing them with more reliable Siemens rakes.

According to Mumbai Mirror, during monsoon flooding, the retrofitted rakes would often break down as the floodwater entered their motors. A CR official told the leading daily, “It was just not possible to operate these trains on the tracks even with a little flooding, as they would come to a standstill. Repairing them in the car shed was also very difficult.” Now the CR is expecting the arrival of three Bombardier rakes, of which one has already arrived, while another two are expected in 15 days.

These rakes will be inducted in the main CR line, and the Siemens rakes will then be sent on the Harbour Line, replacing the retrofitted rakes. The CR is planning to pull ou all four retrofitted rakes and replace them with Siemens rakes, which can be operated on flooded tracks. There are 40 rakes on the Harbour Line, 36 of which are Siemens, while four are retrofitted rakes.

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