Mumbai: Shiv Sena corporator Sheetal Mhatre has accused Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) officials of aiding developers with the issue of land grabbing and also alleged that the administration is helping land owners to gain undue benefits.

Mhatre has targeted BMC for not acquiring lands which have been Reserved for Gardens (RG), Reserved for Playground (PG). “After Kurla and Jogeshwari, this time there has been controversy over a 4585 square metres plot in Dahisar, which was reserved for a garden in the Development Plan 2034. A developer is going to benefit due to malafide intention of the administration,” said Mhatre.

Sena has raised the voice in this regard, and unless the detailed information about the plot is submitted to the meeting, the proposal will not be approved. Mhatre said, in 2005, a purchase notice for Dahisar plot was given by the land owner, however, the administration failed to address the problem till 2013.

As per the communication, the collector’s office had asked the owner to make a deposit of 50 per cent of the total amount, Rs 7,10,02,101 without any interest.  Mhatre has alleged, in 2013, the owner went to the court to file a new purchase notice for this reserved land. But no rate had been imposed on him because a full survey measuring the plot was not done. A payment of Rs 45,000 was made as the fee required to conduct the survey.

“If he were to put a new purchase notice then the current rate of the land should have been imposed on him. In 2005, BMC had paid Rs 45,000, for surveying the plot. Meanwhile, the land owner had put up a new purchase notice in the collector’s office why was the new rate not imposed on him? This lapse has forced BMC to bear the loss,” said Mhatre.

BMC lost the reservation of this plot because the officials failed to put up the purchase notice and acquire the land for a garden. Mhatre said, she wanted an assurance from the administration that this plot will continued to be earmarked as a garden.

“The plots reserved for gardens are going into the pockets of the developers since the officials in the administration are helping them. The BMC officials are hand-in-glove with the developers to usurp the lands meant for public benefit,” said Mhatre.

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