Mumbai: Bhiwandi-Kalyan to get flyover next year

Mumbai: Two years after the contract was awarded, the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) has completed 62 per cent of the construction of a 3-km flyover on the Bhiwandi-Kalyan Road. The road witnesses several accidents and daily traffic congestion due to its multiple connectivity to the Nashik Highway, Vasai Road and the industrial area nearby.

Motorists have cited that the road is prone to accidents considering heavy vehicles plying towards the nearby industrial areas and lack of traffic management on the road which also leads to heavy traffic during peak hours.

Locals blame the poor condition of the road and no street lights because of which several motorists face problems driving through the area. Shashank Malgudkar, a Kalyan resident, who daily takes this road to reach office, said, “The road is dark in the night due to absence of street light. Motorists driving with no headlights face a difficult time driving on that road. Also, there are no proper crossings for pedestrians.”

Malgudkar added that the traffic congestion is another difficulty that motorists has to go through. “Heavy traffic jam starts from 10am in the morning and goes on till 5pm. The planned flyover will really help ease the traffic congestion.” Senior officials said that after the completion of the flyover, the road level heavy traffic will be elevated and the junctions will be freed. “Most of the foundation work is completed. 80 percent segment casting is done which involves erecting 33 segments.”

Speaking exclusively to the Free Press Journal, Pravin Darade, additional metropolitan commissioner, said, “It was realised that more than 70, 000 vehicles ply on this road daily which is a major reason for heavy traffic. The flyover was planned according the traffic count on specific segments of the road. The flyover will elevate the traffic from Rajiv Gandhi Chowk and will end at Sai Baba Mandir.”

The flyover is expected to be completed by next year. The entire cost of the 3km flyover on the Bhiwandi-Kalyan road is Rs 150 crore. A senior official added that another 2.5km flyover will be constructed on the Mankoli-Motagaon road that will save at least one hour of commuters plying towards Mumbai, Nashik and Ahmedabad as they approach the Nashik Highway.

The flyover would cost the authority Rs 223 crore. Officials claim that it will reduce travel time from 45 mins to 10 mins. The Bhiwandi-Kalyan road witnesses several accidents due to poor condition of road and lack of traffic management. Locals have claimed that the road gives multiple connectivity to Nashik Highway, Vasai Road and the industrial area.

Also, absence of street lights on the road have troubled the commuters since it turns risky driving through the area during the night.

Free Press Journal