Mumbai: 88 per cent turnout recorded for Covid jabs

For the second consecutive day, more than 11,000 beneficiaries were targeted for the vaccination on Tuesday. According to the data, 10,257 of the targeted 11,600 were inoculated in the last 24 hours, which indicates a 88 per cent turnout which is less than 93 per cent which was done just a day before. Moreover, the civic body has increased the vaccine centres to 34 from 31 which was on Monday.

Meanwhile, 2,566 first time beneficiaries were given a second dose of the vaccine on Tuesday. However, so far, 1,79,697 HCWs and FLWs have been given the first dose and 10,385 have given the second dose of vaccines.

Civic officials said they will be adding more vaccine centres in the next few days and they are expecting beneficiaries to increase. “We will be adding two new private hospitals where vaccine centres will be set up for their HCWs and FLWs. In the last seven days we have added 7 hospitals to the list,” he said.

Dr Om Srivastava, a member of Covid-19 task force and the director of the infectious diseases department at Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre, said that vaccinating as many as possible was the apt strategy.

“Vaccination of as many people as possible is the only way out. The public and private partnership have to open up in a big way so that they can be given the responsibility to be mentors in small pockets and vaccinate them as soon as possible and then move on to another pocket. This is the only way possible to deal with the problem,” he said.

Meanwhile, the technical glitch continues to be the problem for the civic body following which they have written to the state government to resolve the issue with immediate effect.

Free Press Journal