Mumbai: The police have arrested a 65-year-old woman for the murder of her 75-year-old husband at Tilak Nagar, Chembur. She allegedly killed him because he was having an extra-marital affair with two women, it is claimed. The incident occurred on Sunday afternoon. Dhanudevi allegedly hit her husband Chhotelal Buddhiram Mourya on the head with a paver block while he was dozing after lunch and killed him on the spot.

According to Shahaji Umap, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Zone 6, “We have arrested Dhanudevi. Earlier, she had given a false statement stating that somebody had entered the flat and killed her husband. However, her version had too many inconsistencies. Dhanudevi finally confessed to the crime. She killed her husband since he was having an affair with two women.”Earlier, Dhanudevi had given a statement to the police that around 2.10 pm on Sunday she went to a tailor’s shop in the neighbourhood. She alleged that she was shocked to see Chhotelal lying in a pool of blood on her return. She immediately called up her son Ramji (34) who stays in the neighbourhood and they started screaming for help. However, the neighbours told the police that they did not hear screams, noise or call for help, nor did they see anyone walking up to Chhotelal’s room.

The police initially detained four of Maurya’s sons – as they were involved in property disputes with their father – but later learned that all of them were in Thane at the time of the murder. When Maurya was killed, he was alone with his wife. One of his sons stays abroad.  ‘‘We simply told Dhanu to tell the truth, and if she does not, her sons will be arrested for murder. She immediately confessed to the murder,” a police officer said.