Mumbai: An astonishing 59 percent of the 1,878 roads on which the BMC had undertaken repairs and maintenance work last year are in a half-complete state. Work on half of these unfinished roads will be undertaken in post-monsoon months, according to civic officials.

The BMC had undertaken repairs of the roads in the city in phases from October 2017, at a mammoth cost of Rs 852 crores. It was decided that the task would be undertaken in categories of priority one, two and three. Priority one included roads which developed many potholes after recent showers, priority two were roads with fewer craters, while priority three were the roads which are deteriorating and need repairs.

‘‘The chronic flooding spots are well-known but the BMC has virtually thrown up its hands in the case of many of them, because other agencies are doing work there. Our rivers continue to be in their worst clogged state despite chief minister Devendra Fadnavis gamely swaying to a river anthem,” said a city activist, adding that there is an unending chain of blame-game that has left the citizens suffering.

Mayor Vishwanath Mahadeshwar had absolved the BMC of the likely snags last week and declared that the state government will be answerable if Mumbai is flooded this monsoon, because its agencies have undertaken development work across the city. The BMC had, last week, also ordered the Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MMRC) to fix the damage caused due to Metro works across the city by May 31, and before the monsoon strikes, failing which they could be penalised. The railways have also stated that they have done what lies within their jurisdiction and have requested the BMC to provide water-draining pumps at specific points.