Doctors perform a diagnostic nasal endoscopy (DNE) on a patient to detect black fungus
Doctors perform a diagnostic nasal endoscopy (DNE) on a patient to detect black fungus
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Navi Mumbai, May 21: The number of cases of black fungal infection or mucormycosis under the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation is increasing. The number of cases reached 23 on Thursday from just 7 last week. The majority of them are getting treatment at private hospitals.

Last week, there were seven cases of mucormycosis were reported. However, as per the civic health department, the number of Covid recovered persons infected with mucormycosis reached 23. A senior official from the civic health department said that 19 of them are being treated in private hospitals while the remaining four are at a civic hospital in Vashi.

According to the official from the civic health department, after May 10, there is a rise in cases of black fungal or mucormycosis in the city.

Meanwhile, the civic body has already announced that it will bear the cost of treatment of people who are diagnosed with the Black Fungal infection or mucormycosis. The civic body treats such patients at the civic hospital in Vashi.

Since in most cases of mucormycosis requires surgeries, the help of private specialist doctors will also, be sought if required. However, the civic official claimed that while the number of cases is rising, the medicine required for the treatment of mucormycosis has a shortage.

“There is a need for awareness among people especially those who have recovered from COVID. Those who have already diabetes, undergone for organ transplant, or treated cancer need to be more vigilant,” said the official.

Some patients with diabetes, cancer, and organ transplants after covid treatment, as well as those given steroid medications during covid treatment, are more likely to develop mucormycosis due to the growth of black fungal fungus within 10 days to 6 weeks of recovery.

Taking the disease seriously, the NMMC set up an outpatient department (OPD) rooms for testing for mucormycosis at the three public hospitals in Vashi, Nerul and Airoli.

In case of any patient found to be infected with mucormycosis during the examination, necessary treatment facilities have also been made available at the Vashi Civic Hospital.

Acute headache, cheek pain or swelling, nasal congestion or pain, runny nose, red or swollen eyes, blurred vision, double vision, loose teeth are some of the symptoms of this disease. Ignoring this can be dangerous as the time to do it is very short.

If the citizen finds any symptoms related to this disease such as nose, eyes, cheeks, etc., he should immediately go to the civic hospital in Vashi, Nerul and Airoli for further check-up.

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