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Road contractor appointed by the Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC) involved in choking trees to death by ignoring eco-friendly rules and drowning their roots in concrete is not a new phenomenon in the twin-city.

But, it now appears that local developers and even unscrupulous fly-by-night chawl and dumping mafia are locking the base of trees by dumping construction material and rubble, severely compromising their root health and growth.

This apart from making such trees more susceptible to falling.

However, the public works department and the tree authority continue to play blind to the illegalities which have posed a grave threat to the green cover of the region.

Thus defeating the real purpose of state governments appeal to increase the green cover which had been undertaken by the MBMC after pumping funds amounting crores of rupees from the civic exchequer.

Over the years, environmentalists and nature lovers have been highlighting this problem, demanding scientific trimming, provision of breathing space to roots after removing concrete structure around them and extra care to be taken so that trees survive in the concrete jungle.

Faulty concretisation work prevents the tree’s roots from growing naturally to their full capacity by denying it adequate water and soil.

“Where will the tree derive its nutrition from when there are mounds of construction material around, naturally the trees are bound to die,” said an environmental activist who has sought the municipal commissioner’s intervention to lodge FIR under the relevant sections of the Maharashtra (Urban Areas) Preservation of Trees Act, 1975 against responsible officials and other private entities.

It has also been observed that cement-concrete piled-up on the roots of trees was the reason behind most of the tree falls.

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